General Nutrition (Macros Only)


Package Deals:

3 Month Package $270

6 Month Package $480

12 Month Package $900

The General Nutrition (Macros Only) plan is best suited for individuals who already have a strong grasp on nutrition and macros. This plan does not offer full-build diets, but macro totals will be prescribed and adjusted as biofeedback dictates. Clients will be expected to use macro tracking apps on their own (FitDay, MyFitnessPal, etc.) to create diet plans based off of macro prescriptions. Communication is limited to e-mails only.

  • Customized Diet (Macros Only)

  • Customized Cardio Programming

  • Customized Resistance Training Programming

  • Supplement Recommendations

  • Adjustments to programming based on bio-feedback

  • 24/7 unlimited e-mail communication & support (NO TEXTING)

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