Our approach is established around a core foundation in nutrition.

We teach people to be healthy both mentally and physically. This includes developing better lifestyle habits and most of all to develop a good relationship with their food. The duration of coaching needed is different in each individual’s circumstances and goals. I take into account the clients’ individual preferences, lifestyle, habits and goals, and all programs are specifically designed to fit all these criteria. I offer coaching on a monthly subscription basis with RECOMMENDATIONS to ensure long-term progress and sustainable permanent results.

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What plan is right for me?

During your intake process you will get a general idea of how long your goals might take to reach. DeLucia Coaching Services offers four different service plan length to meet your needs. Every plan is formulated with a foundation in proper nutrition. The key to a successful fitness journey is built on a strong and positive relationship between client and consultant. Since clients come from diverse backgrounds and have varying experience levels and needs, our plans are designed to support beginners and seasoned athletes alike, to ensure you reach the goals we set.

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Free Consultation

DeLucia Coaching Services offers a free initial email consult. We essentially come up with a "rough draft" of recommendations we think will be crucial to reaching your goal or getting healthier. This is your opportunity to ask questions you have, and to find out if being apart of "Team DeLucia" is right for you.

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