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We all look at our bodies in the mirror and consider things we might change. Whether it’s bigger muscles, smaller tummies, or simply a more toned physique, looking fit is something that many of us strive for in our lives. And with good reason, as it makes us healthier, and also improves our mindset about our lives, and ourselves. Being healthy and looking healthy is a mindset that is equally as important as the exercises you do and the food you eat, and at DeLucia Coaching Services, we want to help you grow and progress in all categories. Our approach is focused on not just improving the health and appearance of your body, but also the habits and mindset that will help you improve your body in the way you want.

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Each individual is different with regards to their specific body type, and what they need to reach the figure and fitness of their dreams. That means that every fitness and nutritional program needs to be tailored to accommodate the unique needs of each individual. Our staff will take the time to consult with you to understand your individual preferences like your lifestyle, your eating habits, and what your mindset towards improvement is, and use that to provide the most optimized training and coaching experience possible. We provide reliable, results-based fitness and nutrition coaching programs to folks all over the New England area, and we would be happy to find the plan and training service that best suits you. Keep reading to learn more about our nutritional and fitness programs, and how DeLucia Coaching services can transform your health for the better.

Core Foundation Established Around Nutrition
Teaching For Mental and Physical Health
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What We Can Offer You


Free Consultation

The first and probably most important step of our coaching services is the consultation with you. The consultation is so important because this is the first step to understanding your specific body type, lifestyle, and habits, and how our programs can be tailored to best suit those preferences. We offer a variety of training and nutritional programs, but in order for you to get the most out of them, we need to ensure that they are the exact solution for your needs.

That’s why we offer a free initial email consultation, where you and one of our fitness coaches will create a “rough draft” of regiments and recommendations that will be the road map to helping you hit your fitness and health goals. You can ask as many questions as you would like, and our coaches and trainers will work with you to find the right type of plan, the right length of plan, and the right combination of fitness and nutrition that will give you the health body you are looking for.



Our approach to our coaching services is established around a core foundation in nutrition. Many of us don't consider what we eat, and even if we do consider it, we still might not be getting the right combination of nutrients that our body needs to both stay healthy and look healthy. With DeLucia Coaching Services, we aren’t just looking to give you a diet; we want to change the relationship you have with food so that you can both enjoy it, and utilize it as a necessary stepping stone for your fitness and health.

Part of your consultation involves discussing the nutrition plan that best suits your needs, as well as the duration of it. We offer nutrition plans by themselves, with workout recommendations, or we offer nutrition plans in conjunction with personal fitness training with one of our experienced and certified trainers. No matter what regimen and duration you choose, our coaching experts will ensure that your nutritional needs are being met, while elevating your healthy lifestyle in conjunction with specific exercises.



In addition to the core value of nutrition that we strive to provide at DeLucia Coaching Services, the other critical half of this process is the personal fitness training that our coaches can offer you. When you get a consultation or sign up for a plan that involves training, our coaches and trainers will take the time to understand your body type, your current fitness levels, and the specific goals you have set for yourself when you start training at DeLucia.

Our training programs are designed to target cardio, specific toning areas, and weight loss in the places you want. Whether it’s personal training or a workout guide, our coaches will find the right exercises you need to do to hit your health goals you are targeting. If it’s a specific weight number you want to hit, we will work with you for both logging and adjusting your targets and exercises depending on your progress. At DeLucia Coaching Services, your training goals are our training goals, and we will work diligently to help you meet them.

Start working on the body of your dreams, with DeLucia Coaching Services

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Your personal fitness and health play a crucial role in your life and your happiness. It’s hard to be happy or excited about life if your body and your figure and your mind are all letting you down. See how the fitness and nutrition plans we offer at DeLucian Coaching Services can help you work on your mind and body health in the way you need. Get your free consultation today!