What Our Clients Are Saying



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Female Lifestyle Client

Edward, owner of DeLucia coaching services is hands down one of the best coaches around. He is incredibly knowledgeable about overall health and wellness. I first reached out to Edward when I was interested in losing weight and just attacking my overall health. He took me on as a client after a careful consultation. He sent over a very thorough and detailed intake form upon starting my journey. Edward provided me with a nutrition plan and a workout plan as well. All catered to my specific goals/body measurements. He was extremely responsive to my messages and my questions when I had them. Any concern I had throughout the process was alleviated by talking to Edward as he answered any and all questions I had. He was quick to respond and I never had a problem contacting him. He is incredibly intelligent and it was an understatement to say my experience was phenomenal with him as a coach. I would highly recommend reaching out to him if you’re interested in changing your health for the better! Thank you DeLucia Coaching Services for a LIFE CHANGING experience!! Would give more than 5 stars if I could!

- Emily

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Male Lifestyle Client

Working with Ed was a great experience. He was always there to help me understand the why behind his methods. It never seemed like it was a cookie cutter program like many others which is why I got the results that I did. His tailored and personal approach helped me immensely. I have taken what he has taught me and implemented it in my daily life.

- Joe

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Best Coaching I've had

Hello! my name is Ben Athmaram and I've been working with DeLucia Coaching Services for 8 weeks now and I absolutely love it. This is the one of the best coaching services I've had. The nutrition is wonderful and I lost approximately 20 pounds in 18 weeks and I feel stronger than ever. I'm able to do a better job in the gym. DeLucia is great and is a wonderful person to work with. Very great in communication and knows the subject profoundly. His guidance is like a blessing and very easy to follow. I'm very happy with my routine of the diet plan. I had a bit of a digestion issue before starting and DeLucia knew what was likely causing it and his changes cleared it off. I am now feeling much better. DeLucia is right on time for communication and helps you out throughout the process. He also walked me through the process at first which made it easy to understand. I really appreciated that. He knows what to do at any circumstances. He is very good at answering questions to the clients. DeLucia also makes us feel very comfortable while talking to him or following the meal plan. He takes good care of you. I am very happy and it is a blessing of God to me. His nutrition plan is very enjoyable and allows you to eat a variety of foods that I personally didn't eat in a while. In a way, " We are what we eat " and the nutrition made me more strong confident and positive in the gym. My family also enjoys to cook the meals given to me. I am just following the diet plan given to me by DeLucia coaching services with confidence and happiness. DeLucia Coaching Services is the best... u see the results and he is the right person to contact for nutrition and bodybuilding...we also work hard with guidance with confidence and artistic integrity..

Thank you very much for everything

God bless

- Ben